BAF STARTER Micro Granule is a top-quality fertilizer product used in plant nutrition and agriculture sectors. Manufactured explicitly for cereal farming and plant cultivation, it provides a rich nutrient solution that meets the micro-nutrient requirements of plants. Micro granule fertilizers are among the most widely used types worldwide.

Our BAF STARTER Micro Granule fertilizer composition contains essential elements such as Nitrogen (5%), Phosphorus (41%), Sulfur (6%), Iron, and Zinc. BAF STARTER contributes to the plant’s growth, resilience, crop quality, and improved nourishment thanks to this rich blend.

  • Increases planting resistance.
  • Provides an economical and environmentally friendly solution.
  • Ensures higher fertilizer efficiency in dry conditions.
  • Contributes to reducing crop costs.
  • Significantly boosts crop yield with its nitrogen and phosphorus content.

Product Content

Nitrogen (NH) (5%)

Accelerates the plant’s water intake, promoting growth and development.

Phosphorus (P₂O₅) (41%)

Increases plant resistance to diseases, making them more resilient.

Sulfur (6%)

Facilitates nutrient uptake in plants, improving crop quality and promoting efficient fertilizer use.

Iron (Fe) (1%)

Addresses iron deficiency in plants, contributing to healthier soil conditions.

Zinc (Zn) (1%)

Promotes an increase in plant height and thickness, while also preventing early yellowing and shedding.

Application Dosages:

Corn……2-4 kg/decare

| Canola……2-3 kg/decare

| Sugar Beet……1.5-3.5 kg/decare

| Cereals……2-4 kg/decare

| Vegetables……2-4 kg/decare

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